Israel Today

A Palestinian woman tried to sneak into Israel with explosives strapped to her body. The dramatic incident was caught by Israeli security cameras at the Erez border crossing in the Gaza Strip. The 21-year-old woman, Wafa al-Biss, aroused the suspicion of soldiers, who demanded that she take off her traditional black robe.

Then, they discovered a 10-kilo (22-pound) bomb sown into her underwear.

That gesture meant little to the bitter young woman, who told interrogators that she intended to blow herself up in a “noisy, crowded place” and kill as many people as possible. Al-Biss said she was recruited by the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ ruling Fatah movement. It’s another sign that Abbas is unable to control terrorist groups that supposedly are committed to a cease-fire with Israel.

But he may also be unwilling to control them. Israel’s Shin Bet security service (the Israeli equivalent of the FBI) received a tip that the bombing was in the works and gave detailed information about the plot to Abbas. The Palestinian Authority (PA) did nothing. And yet, PA officials complain bitterly in every foreign media interview about Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks.

Army spokeswoman Major Sharon Feingold was outraged that the Palestinians took advantage of an Israeli humanitarian gesture. “These terror organizations are not only the enemies of the Israelis, but also of the Palestinian people themselves, who suffer as a result of this abuse of the young, the sick, the wounded,” she said.

Feingold noted that since the beginning of the Palestinian terror war in September 2000, there have been eight female bombers, along with an additional 59 women who intended to carry out suicide attacks.

This woman bomber showed no remorse when she was interviewed by Israeli TV reporters from jail. She had large brown eyes and curly dark hair pulled back in a short ponytail, and her neck and hands were covered with big scars from severe burns. “Don’t think that because of how I look I wanted to carry out an attack,” she said. “Since I was a little girl I wanted to carry out an attack.”

When asked about harming the very people who helped her, she lashed out: “They’re getting paid for it aren’t they? The Israelis are killing Palestinian children in Gaza every day aren’t they?”

One reporter responded that Israel is getting out of Gaza. “You are still in settlements in the West Bank,” she replied, “and you’re still in Khan Yunis [in Gaza], aren’t you?” Al-Biss said she is following the teachings of Islam. “My dream was to be a martyr,” she said. “I believe in death.”