The following video is a compilation of footage taken by Palestinians. An Arab narrates the action in English and points out the hypocrisy of Muslims, especially Hamas.

The video begins by showing a Palestinian wedding in which the men are singing and celebrating. Enter truckloads of machine-gun-toting Hamas who open fire and mow down the wedding guests, beat to death the groom, and destroy the venue — all because the men were singing, says the narrator.

The video then shows Hamas humiliating other Muslims before killing them. The narrator explains that killing other Muslims is sanctioned in the Koran, as is killing non-Muslims. There is footage of Muslims celebrating in Gaza and Jerusalem after the 9/11 massacre — laughing, dancing, happy about the deaths of 3,000 in the Twin Towers. However, the narrator points out, the “Palestinians” want the world to cry for the deaths of their people killed in Israel’s retaliatory bombings.

During footage of a child being armed for battle, the narrator explains that Hamas sends out children — 6-year-olds — with guns and then complains that the children are killed. They kill their own people, arm small children, even use their own babies to shield weapons, and celebrate the deaths of others that they have caused, yet they ask the world to mourn their loss. “Such hypocrites!” says the narrator.

The video below is narrated in English by an Arab who identifies with Christians.

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