ZLM offers this diet information in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions.

By Courtney Hexam, Chimes staff writer, www.club.calvin.edu

In the beginning, God made. And it was good.

At the beginning of last years holiday season, my mother made a pumpkin pie with a can of pured pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream and a dash or two of Christmas cheer, all of which was served in a frozen-yet-homemade pastry shell and topped with Cool Whip. And it was good.

Actually, it was made by Sara Lee. But it was still good, very, very good.

But is it Christian? Let me rephrase that: is it how our Creator intended?

Before there were Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics, Baptists, Buddhists, Methodists, Muslims, Lutherans, Hindus, Jews or pagans, there was a Creator and his creation. This creation was made in His image (Genesis 1:27).

So how were we created then (in the beginning)? Have our eating habits along with our worldview gone all wrong?

Our bodies are sacred temples of the Spirit, according to the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:16-17.

Are we putting the right things in these temples?

Sophomore Hilary Korzon doesnt think so; according to Korzon, our temples are especially difficult to maintain on Calvins campus.

As Calvin College students we are encouraged, if not required, to experience and delight in Gods beauty through the fine arts, she says. We are, however, sent a very different message when we walk into our dining halls.

Korzon grew up in Ann Arbor where, she says, Everyone is an organic freak. She even sees a homeopathic doctor who prescribes herbal remedies instead of drugs.As Christians and Calvin College students, we realize that our bodies are our temples. Are we respecting God when we fill them with chemicals?

Though Calvins Knollcrest Dining Hall has an organic bar option, says Korzon, there are at most four items organic-food-bar-at-calvin-college.jpg
available. Though it is a step in the right direction for her, these attempts seem minute alongside the processed meat, white bread and ever-popular Pepsi machines.

Calvin College encourages us as students to take back the beauty that has been tainted by our culture, says Korzon.

Why is it that our school that encourages us to see the beauty of God deprives us of the ability to nourish ourselves with His pure untainted creation?

Author of The Hallelujah Diet and founder of Hallelujah Acres, Rev. George Malkmus, craves the same faith-based diet.

At the age of 42, Malkmus was told he had colon cancer in the form of a baseball size tumor underneath the left side of his rib cage.

I was devastated, says Malkmus, whose mother had died from colon cancer. I asked, Why me Lord? I didnt understand.

During this time, Malkmus turned to an Evangelist friend who was, according to Malkmus, one of those health-nuts.

He advised me not to go the medical route of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, as Mom had gone, he says, but to simply change my diet to raw fruits and vegetables and drink lots of carrot juice.

Malkmus also turned to scripture and research for guidance during this traumatic time and soon developed his own diet, Gods Ultimate Diet or the Hallelujah Diet, based on his friends advice.

I made the diet change over night, said Malkmus in an interview for ABC Nightline, and within one year my baseball size tumor had totally disappeared as had all the other physical problems I was experiencing at the time.

It simply got smaller and smaller until it was gone, he says in his article titled Gods Way to Ultimate Health. But that was not all. In less than one year, every physical problem I had been experiencing also disappeared. Such physical problems such as hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, severe allergies, high blood pressure, fatigue, pimples, colds, flu … even body odor and dandruff were gone! Totally healed!

At age 72, Malkmus did in fact appear to be in tip-top shape as he bounded on stage before a health seminar and ABCs cameras.

Nightline reporter Chris Burry asked Malkmus whether he believes his newfound diet cured him. Malkmus answered, Oh, absolutely.

The diet, Malkmus acknowledged, is not for everyone. He recommends seeking advice from health professionals before making any of Hallelujahs dietary changes. He says there is always some risk in making such changes.

His diet is 85 percent raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts and 15 percent cooked such as baked potatoes, brown rice, steamed vegetables and whole grain pasta.

But what about meat?

According to the same Nightline interview, Malkmus believes that meat consumption was meant to be short-term.

Just prior to God allowing meat to be consumed in Genesis chapter 9:3, Malkmus explains, we see a flood that covered this entire earth. That flood had destroyed all the plant life, and so man could no longer consume the diet God originally had given him. On the arc, they had these clean animals.

Health experts are still not convinced that man can live on barley and raw foods alone.

Dr. Cheryl Rock, who co-authored a study of breast cancer patients at the University of California-San Diego, found that patients who ate heaping portions of fruits and vegetables did not enjoy better outcomes.

Rock believes the diet is just too extreme and lacking in protein, according to the Nightline interview.

One would be hard-pressed to defend those claims based on scientific knowledge at this time, said Rock.

It would look to me like it would be very risky in terms of meeting all the nutritional needs.

Malkmus agrees that the diet cannot cure everyone, but he still fully stands by the diet and his Hallelujah product line.

We have 70 full-time employees, said Malkmus in an interview with reporter Jane Skinner about Hallelujah Acres, but its really a ministry as far as Im concerned. We teach health from a biblical perspective. We feel that everybody ought to know that they can have a healthy body and live free of sickness, and they can if they put the proper fuel into their body.

Despite the frowns from health experts, Malkmus still strongly believes in his Adam-and-Eve-inspired diet and has built Hallelujah Acres, a residential and commercial complex for people on the diet or with health concerns, to encourage it. The complex sits across the street from the Hallelujah company headquarters, which manages Hallelujah business: everything from barley products to cooking classes.

Were drinking the same juice and connected to the same Creator, says Malkmus.

When we stop putting those bad things in and we start putting the good things in, then the body does the way God designed it to do, and it heals itself. Its one of the most powerful, wonderful things to observe.

But is this approach, as Dr. Rock suggests, too extreme?

If humans were meant to only eat raw foods, where would culinary artists use their talents? And why did Jesus choose bread to represent his body (Matthew 26:26; Mark 14:22; Luke 22:19)?

Are we to discard all foods apart from barley juice and raw veggies? Are we to forget this years Thanksgiving feast and whip up an extra round of carrot juice instead?

This dietary transformation is difficult to imagine for a society so driven by fast foods and five-minute meals, all of which thrive on oils and preservatives.

This transformation is currently decking the halls of Calvins Knollcrest East apartments.

The week of October 31st, KE apartments promoted the annual candy consumption of more than 500 trick-or-treaters from the Grand Rapids community, but a week later the KE community promoted a healthier consumption: vegetables.

One Challenge. One Heart. One Building, read a flyer fixed to Alphas white board. We will conquer our fears and eat more vegetables this week. Alpha is rewriting History starting tomorrow. We will eat more Green.

Next to this flyer was a printout of an MSNBC article, Fight cancer with dark green vegetables, stressing the disease-fighting power of nutrient-rich leafy greens.

This however was just Alphas area of focus. Each apartment building focused on a different area of health, such as the use of a pedometer or focusing on the new MyPyramid.

KE resident director Jay Wise says students often get involved with so much internships, additional credits, off-campus activities, etc. that they lose the meaning of wellness: optimal health and vitality.

Alpha resident Shona Smith, a biology major with plans for medical school, thinks America could not sustain such a large society without the use of preservatives and mass processing the same preservatives avoided by organic-eating circles and Hallelujah dieters.

At this point of spiritual and social conflict, should we be accepting the pattern of this world, about which the apostle Paul warned the Romans? Is seeking our own Hallelujah diet the renewing of [our] minds that Paul said would attest to our Creators good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2)?

It may have been the case for Rev. Malkmus, but a fast-to-fresh food transformation will not be easy for most.

Even Gandhi, a wealthy and well-educated Indian leader who devoted his life to service through simple living, gradually made his life-changing transformation.

In any case, Pauls letter to the church of Corinth in 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, Whether you eat or drink whether its battered and fried or grown and served whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Indeed, in the beginning, our Creator gave us every seed-bearing plant, every tree that has fruit and every green plant for food (Genesis 1:29-30); but, in the end and in the Old Testament the apostle Paul commands us to do all to the glory of our Creator.

3 thoughts on “God’s Diet Plan: Are we eating the way he intended?

  • I think it’s really great that this article was on healthful eating, because I believe so many forget that our bodies are God’s temples, and it’s wonderful to see Zola Levitt ministries address this. How can God fully use us if we do not take care of our health?

    I would have liked to have seen discussed the forbidden foods in the Law of Moses. Pork, shellfish, etc are all forbidden – and I think there’s a reason for that! Nobody knew back then, but today, studies show these foods to be high in toxins, because these animals are scavengers. Yikes – who wants to put unclean meat in their body?

    Genesis talks of how God gave us every seed-bearing plant as food. We have so many wonderful plants to chose from, and if one is eating enough calories coming from fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, beans/legumes and whole grains, one will automatically get enough protein… even vegetables have protein. If you don’t believe it, go to http://www.fitday.com, plug in plant foods and see how much proetin you end up with. 🙂 Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the most credible doctor I know of when it comes to eating a high-nutrient diet, for those interested, and if you don’t yet know what a green smoothie is, do a google search and find out – I drink one every single day. 🙂

  • The devil has perverted Gods word from the beginning with the first sin he knows how to make us sin and fall short of the glory of God even when we proclaim Jesus as are savior. The devil knows are stomachs are an easy target. We are told every where that pork is food but God never made it food and He does not change and His word stands forever. we are told in the New Testament all unclean people do not inherit the Kingdom of God and many times in the Old Testament we are told that eating pork makes us unclean. Hum the first sin was putting something in are mouth God said do not eat. WAKE UP people eating pork and the other abominable meats are sins. I am saved by the Grace of God thru faith by the blood of Jesus I have redemption of my sins. Not by not eating pork I don’t eat pork just like I no longer am a liar because I follow Jesus who ate no pork nor will He ever. First John 2- 6 what does Jesus say in John 14 -15 Enjoy life have fun but do it Gods way I do not miss my all you can eat crab night or BLT sandwich I eat good Gods way. Spread this message and start saving those who call Jesus as there savior but they eat pork. Tell them they are blind and receive sight from the Lord. The devil and his minions are the teacher of its ok to eat pork just like he told eve you will not surely die!

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