The UN Human Rights Council international anti-racism conference kicked off in Geneva on Monday, April 20, with a keynote address by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But as the Iranian president predictably started railing against Israel, most delegates from Western nations very conspicuously walked out of the room.

Even before Ahmadinejad could start speaking, a man wearing a colorful clown wig stood up and and began jeering the Iranian leader. After the man had been removed by security, Ahmadinejad called him “ignorant.”

The Iranian leader then went on to accuse Western powers of having brought great death and destruction to the whole world during two world wars, and then using the conclusion of those conflicts as an opportunity to impose oppressive and racist restrictions on the rest of the world.

As evidence he pointed out that a mere five nations have veto power in the UN Security Council, the most important decision-making body in the world.

Ahmadinejad then turned to Israel, which he insists European powers established out of guilt over the Nazi Holocaust.

“Under the pretext of compensating for the evil done in the name of xenophobia, they in fact set up the most violent xenophobes, in Palestine,” stated Ahmadinejad.

It was then that the delegates from those European nations who had not boycotted the event all together rose from their seats and filed out of the room right in front of Ahmadinejad’s podium.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama on Sunday defended his decision to boycott the anti-racism summit, calling its open criticism of Israel “hypocritical and counterproductive.”

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