Today’s Golden Oldie was published on April 17, 1992, exactly 16 years ago. We had seen another repressive empire go down.

We Jews have survived and maintained our unique civilization and identity through thousands of years of history …much of it dominated by anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist ideologies, empires, and mass movements. We have watched these great and powerful empires rise, each in turn bringing its own, twisted rewriting of the past.

To survive, however, we must remember. And so each year at Pessah, we sit together, in families, in Seders, around the world, linked with generations stretching back through time, and together we read the Haggadah, a manual of instruction on how to remember who and what we are.

Happy Pessah to us all!

2 thoughts on “Dry Bones Golden Oldie Cartoon

  • Even the Pope in his speech recognized the fact that if it wasn’t for The Jews we would not have Christianity and he thanked a group at the East End Synagouge for this.I can’t understand how anyone can’t or won’t recognize this and Israel.It seems to me that ignorance is responsible for this way of thinking and that is where we all come in.We are called to spread the good news that Israel is a Light Unto the Nations.God BNless Israel God Bless America and God Bless us to have the zeal we need for this task.Thank you Zola Levitt Ministries for all you have taught me and for being A Light unto the Nations. Shalom

  • Every time I have someone tell me that there is no God. My answer is, if that be the case, Can you explain the Jew.I thank God everyday for His word and His People.Israel has been called home from the nations in 1948, and she will survive all of the indignaties which the world and George Bush have inflicted on her. Our God and father will prevail, and His Son will rule from Jewrusalem in the foreseeable future. Shalom

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