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By Israel Today Staff, January 04, 2015

Pastor Ron Cantor of the Tel Aviv-based Messianic congregation Tiferet Yeshua addresses in the following video the oft-heard argument that nowhere in the New Testament is Israel’s modern claim to to this land reaffirmed.

Even among Christians who on the surface claim to reject Replacement Theology, many insist that God’s promise of this particular piece of land to the Children of Israel and their descendants as a perpetual inheritance is null and void under the new covenant sealed in Yeshua’s blood.

Cantor starts off by noting that the New Testament never reaffirms the concept of tithing, but nearly all Christian pastors and ministers hold that it is still a valid and even necessary practice. As such, the mere absence of a particular promise or concept from the pages of the New Testament is not enough to declare it invalid.

“Can God, who cannot lie, break His promise?” Cantor wonders. “I would think not. If so, our faith is on shaky ground.”

Even so, Cantor explores why the New Testament fails to mention God’s promise of the land to Israel, which was such a central theme during the centuries covered by the Old Testament.

Or does it? As Cantor explains, a number of passages traditionally misused and taken out of context in fact reaffirm all of God’s promises to the Jews, including those regarding the land.

This short teaching is worth a watch:

6 thoughts on “Does New Testament Back Israel’s Claim to the Land?

  • The new testament is not a new plan. It is the fulfillment of the old testament. That being said, God gave them the promise land. God honors his word. If he promised something to the Jews, he will honor that promise. Anyone speaking against Jew’s does so by the antichrist spirit. We gentiles were grafted into the natural olive tree. Satan distorts Gods word through ignorant pastors. Tithe is not mentioned in the new testament because we are bought and paid for with a price, so everything we own is owned by him who purchased us. We are now stewards of God’s money, our children are his children and we are to teach them about him.
    God Bless

  • Charles, so delighted to see a person so in tune with God’s Word. Keith Moore said in a DVD, if we will say what God says, He will do what we say.
    As we affirm His Words, His Power enables our doing the Super Natural.
    Faith comes by hearing/believing the Word of God

  • Our Savior said to us He did not come to do away with the Law but to fulfill. He also says the volume of the Book is written about Him. He is the First and the Last. He is in agreement with the Father. I do not see how He would nullify Israel (Jacob).

  • my version of Rom15:8

    Christ has become a servant to the Jews to show that God’s promises made to their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are true – that their descendants would possess the land of Canaan forever, be a people, be blessed, would bring benefits to the whole world spiritually and materially, have YHWH as their God forever, enjoy the validity and action of these promises forever, and control the political and commercial life of those that hate them.

    And so that the people of the world who are not Jewish might glorify God for His mercy shown to the Jews!

  • I enjoyed these articles which touch on the End-time restoration of israel:

    I had been looking at the “restoration of all things” verses and the “return of elijah” verses, and found these articles. malachis “fathers and sons” thing is amazing as well.

    once again, this, like Rom15:8, is starting to bring everyhting together – how and why israel is part and parcel of our faith and of our future.

    Myles Weiss the other day wondered: why would the gates in the millenial new jersualem be named after the 12 tribes, if israel’s importance has passed? 🙂

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