You may remember the 2009 “election” protests by brave students in Iran that resulted in the brutal shooting of Neda Agha-Soltan, a young Iranian student who was a bystander on a Tehran street. The events of the protest inspired Myles to write a song called Bride Behind the Veil to encourage the people of Iran.

Behind the iron veil
A bride awaits her love.
He’s riding a white horse;
He sees her from above.

Behind the iron veil
she watches and she prays.
Mad hatters clench their keys
fearing the sound of a new day.

Can you hear it in her voice?
Can you see it in her eyes?
She’s the bride behind the veil
Awaiting Him Who satisfies.

Behind the iron veil
She’s locked up in her gloom.
They make and break the rules
As she waits to leave her tomb.

Behind the iron veil
The Light begins to shine
on people in the dark,
The Hope for all mankind.

Can you hear it in my voice?
Can you see it in my eyes?
I’m the bride behind the veil,
and my dream is still alive!

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