Posted: 19 May 2012 12:16 AM PDT
China Aid Association

(Beijing — May 19, 2012) ChinaAid just learned that blind activist Chen Guangcheng’s family was told to pack and get ready to get leave China today.

Bob Fu talked with Chen an hour ago. Chen said Chinese official informed him that he would leave today, though he had not yet received his passport. Chen was not told which city in the US he was going.

ChinaAid and the Chen family deeply appreciate the international community’s tireless efforts to gain his freedom, including the Church’s passionate prayers, and the efforts of the US Embassy and the US Congress, who held two timely hearings on his behalf.

Chen also wanted to express his gratitude to the Chinese government who fulfilled one of its promises to allow his family to leave.

3am Update: Chen Guangcheng, his wife Yuan Weijing and their two young children (son and daughter ) are in the waiting room of Beijing International Airport. They have not got their flight tickets.

ChinaAid continues to urge vigilance and increased international attention to the situation faced by Chen Guangcheng’s extended family members, including his nephew Chen Kegui and his elder brother Chen Guangfu as well as his sister-in-law Ren Zongju. They are all facing possible severe punishment as a result of Chen’s escape from his house last month.

“We are happy for Chen and his family. This is a great day for freedom fighters,” said Pastor Bob Fu who has been campaigning for Chen’s freedom internationally, ” this further proves that constructive dialogues with international pressure can surely produce concrete positive result. We pray for his family’s safe journey. ”

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  • Praise Yeshua our KING of kings and LORD of lords.
    May He protect all that are His and deliver them to safety. Amen


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