This link connects to a video that uses Scripture to explain why the Blood Moon tetrad and solar eclipse are simply wonderful examples of God’s fixed patterns, but not the sign that Joel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Jesus, and others speak about portending the coming Day of the Lord.

Within the hour-long Blood Moons video, another video explains Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. If you are already familiar with how Iron Dome works, you might want to fast-forward through this section. Otherwise, you may find it of interest to watch.

(This video originally posted just before Passover in April 2014.)

By Keith Johnson
I was confronted with the “Four Blood Moon” teaching that is sweeping across the Christian and Messianic world. As much as I tried to ignore another end-times flash-in-the-pan prophesy parade, I could not escape the constant barrage of blood moon mania being launched at me through internet, radio, and television … even in Israel!

After spending some time and energy researching the foundations of the “teaching”, I felt led to address this four-blood-moon-teaching head on.

The video.

2 thoughts on “Blood Moons eclipsed and Israel’s Iron Dome explained–video

  • I usually get straight answers from Zola’s site. I’m a bit disappointed that this question directs me to another web site to sign up or join something. It clearly felt like a salesjob. we are dealing in disturbing times and we should hang together as believers and make pressing issues public domain. then ask for a donation if one must. I still would like an answer about the blood moons Zola style. thanks for your response, looking forward to it, in Him star graham

    • I’m sorry that you see this ministry’s explanation of our take on the blood moons as inadequate. Myles addressed the subject quite extensively in the March 2014 Personal Letter, and the video in this post explains our position well enough that we don’t have to waste time and money making a separate one. The blood moons are interesting but not supernatural, certainly not the “signs” we’d expect in a major announcement from the Lord. And we’d definitely expect Israel to be able to view a message to them! (Only the fourth lunar eclipse is visible in Israel, and only partially. The very edge of March’s solar eclipse was visible in Israel.) We view the hype surrounding these phenomena as efforts to sell time-sensitive books. The Lord will make His messages to Israel visible to Israel, and His second coming will leave no one in doubt about its reality.

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