In 2009, the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas and the Dallas Islamic Center shared four iftar dinners (the evening meal that breaks a day spent fasting). The events opened with the azan (the five-times-daily call to prayer) that is viewable on the video below. Listening to the call induces one to mimic the muezzin (caller) covering his ears.


How do these apostates reconcile their “interfaith” activities with of 2 Corinthians 6:14-18?

One thought on “August Is The Month Of Ramadan

  • The great falling away of the church is in my opinion how it will be accomplished and justified by the apostate Christian church. This has been prophesied to take place in the last days. Anyone who doesn’t believe that it is happen now is blind to the word of GOD.
    We are the Generation of the Fig Tree Christ spoke about and the generation that shall not die until all these things are fulfilled.

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