Atwan: The Arab Leaders Pray That Israel Will Get Rid of the Palestinians Once and for All

(published a week into the 2014 Israeli-Hamas conflict)
The Arab world is holding Hamas responsible for the current conflict with Israel, the Clarion Project reports:

“As Hamas continues putting Israeli and Palestinian lives in jeopardy by rejecting ceasefires and continuing to fire rockets, the Islamist terrorist group must be disappointed at the Muslim world’s reaction. Hamas did not get the usual reflexive support and fiery backlash against Israel. In fact, it appears that the terrorist group’s largest support is coming from protests in Europe. The latest round of fighting is remarkable in what did not happen.

“The Islamists were unable to whip up the masses with the ease of flicking a light switch. Instead, flickers of the truth are penetrating minds saturated with anti-Western propaganda.

“Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas even publicly criticized Hamas on Palestinian television, accusing the group of provoking ‘unnecessary deaths’ and ‘trading in Palestinian blood’ by firing rockets at Israel.”

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