By Rachel Hirshfeld —

The remarkable waterfall at Israel’s international airport displays images of Israeli flags, hearts, stars, dolphins, and different words, including “Israel” and “peace” in Hebrew and English, as they fall into a fountain.

3 thoughts on “Amazing New Waterfall at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport

  • I am an artist … journalist..writer….dreamer..visionary and this is the most awesome–remarkable–creative–stupendous–out-of-this-world-breathtaking creation I’ve seen in quite a while….and the greatest thing about this creation is that its been done with WATER…how awesome is that….God just keeps getting better & better..You are his hands, feet, mouthpiece to the world of his majesty, glory, holiness, creativity & artistic ability–after all–he created the Earth, the planets, the stars, the sun, the universes, the Milky Way…our Northern Lights…Auroras on the Sun’s surface…..falling stars..fireworks in the form of heat lightening…He’s able to do over & beyond anything we could ever think of….he will do even greater things then this through Israel, the Jewish people & Jerusalem if you will just let him…..Keep your eyes on the Great I Am…then he will show up & show off His awesome power to the world…The world fill finally see the GREAT I AM!! not a God of the DEAD–He’s a GOD of the LIVING! G-d Bless Israel–forever & ever ..Amen!!!

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