Brainwashing and propaganda through Hitler’s Youth brigade are explored in this video through the eyes of Alfons Heck, a former Hitler Youth member.
The HBO documentary was first shown in 1991.

In this video, Heck tells how he came to believe that as the master race, he and his fellow Hitler Youth members were entitled to rule the world.

A poignant segment midway through the video describes the beginning of the deportations of the Jews in the fall of 1940, when Heck was a 10-year-old boy, already well-indoctrinated in the Youth movement.

“One of the first ones [Jewish deportations] occurred in my hometown. I recognized all of them, naturally. But there were some I had known intimately as a boy. I had no personal animosity toward them. But I heard “What a misfortune that they are Jewish,” and I thought it was completely justified that for the survival of Germany, they too needed to be deported.

“Despite the fact that the first friend of my life, Heinz Hermann(?), was Jewish, within the space of six years, the constant Nazi indoctrination had made me totally indifferent to their fate, and I accepted the deportation as a just measure.”

After the Nuremberg Trials, Heck came to realize that the Hitler Youth was a “massive case of child abuse.” He concludes that, depending on what we fill our children with–good or evil, hate or compassion–the story of the Hitler Youth could be repeated. “Despite Auschwitz, the world has not changed for the better all that much.”

Beware of ANYONE who claims that everyone in our nation must look like US.

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