It seems that Zola may be getting promoted to the head office. The good news, barring a medical miracle, is that he will meet our Lord before the rest of us. The bad news is that we—Zola’s staff, friends, supporters and even some enemies—will miss him terribly… worse than we can begin to say.

 On February 10, Zola had the first symptom of cancer, which has spread from his left lung to his liver and brain. He has already begun treatment and is seeking your prayers that he might become a poster child for modern cancer treatment. To hedge his bet, however, he is doubling his efforts to produce extra TV programs and create more informative and outspoken newsletters than ever. What a soldier’s testimonial—to stay at his post until called away by Yeshua!

Happy is the man whose work is his play. Zola requests that rather than send him cards or flowers, that you show your concern by donating to this ministry to be used for the Lord’s work.

In His service,

Mark Levitt (Zola’s son)