By Hillel Fendel,

A massive Islamic prayer service will be held on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. at the end of this month – and 50,000 Muslims are expected to take part.

For a few hours on Sept. 25, the site where U.S. presidents are traditionally inaugurated, will essentially be turned into a giant outdoor mosque. The Jummah service – weekly Friday prayers – will “echo off of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and other great edifices that surround Capitol Hill,” according to the organizers.

They explain that the objective of the gathering is to “invite the Muslim Communities and friends of Islam to express and illustrate the wonderful diversity of Islam. We intend to manifest Islam’s majestic spiritual principals [sic] as revealed by Allah to our beloved prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) of Arabia. Likewise, we intend to inspire a new generation of Muslims to work for the greater good of all people.”

The event, organized by a mosque in Elizabeth, New Jersey, is billed as a “Day of Islamic Unity.”

“Thousands of Muslims from all races, creeds, colors and ethnicities will gather for the sole purpose of prayer,” the organizers’ website states, and “the peace, beauty and solidarity of Islam will shine through America’s capitol.”

The website page concludes, “Our Time Has Come.”

One thought on “50,000 Muslims to Descend on Capitol Hill September 25th

  • Dear Jeff,
    I am totally appalled with this. Feels like the Obamanation of Desolation has come upon the USA. We may have freedom of religion here, but I feel like Islam is being promoted, and pushed down our throats. Our forefathers are probably turning in their graves right now. I have signed all kinds of petitions against Obama and his czars and policies. Called my senators, wrote letters, and I am truly worried we will all pay the price for this affront to G_D. What besides praying, else can we do? I believe that bad things happen when good people do nothing. But, also believe we are in the last days. I even wrote the head of the UN and let him have it-both barrels. Thank G_d for Zola Levitt ministries, a friend told me about him in 1998. This is my favorite and most trusted source of truth, besides the Bible- Everything else has become suspect to me. What do you suggest?
    Sincerly in Yeshua,
    Sylvia Scott

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