They Weren’t Goths Or Loners

The two teenagers who killed 13 people and themselves at suburban Denver’s Columbine High School 10 years ago next week weren’t in the “Trenchcoat Mafia,” disaffected videogamers who wore cowboy dusters. The killings ignited a national debate over bullying, but the record now shows Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold hadn’t been bullied β€” in fact, they had bragged in diaries about picking on freshmen and “fags.”

Their rampage put schools on alert for “enemies lists” made by troubled students, but the enemies on their list had graduated from Columbine a year earlier. Contrary to early reports, Harris and Klebold weren’t on antidepressant medication and didn’t target jocks, blacks or Christians, police now say, citing the killers’ journals and witness accounts. That story about a student being shot in the head after she said she believed in God? Never happened, the FBI says now.

In fact, the pair’s suicidal attack was planned as a grand β€” if badly implemented β€” terrorist bombing that quickly devolved into a 49-minute shooting rampage when the bombs Harris built fizzled.

One thought on “10 Years Later, The Real Story on Columbine

  • It’s funny how so many who weren’t even a part of the immediate Columbine High School community have an opinion or ‘the final word’ on what happened and what kind of community we are. It is interesting, yet tiresome and irritating, that outsiders have so much to say and those of us who live here and had children in the school that day, don’t seem to find it tabloid and newsworthy. It was and is our life and the lives of our children. I do have a friend who works for a police department in another state and they were told by a representative from Homeland Security that they expect mass attacks this year on American schools (soft targets). I don’t know what was learned from the incident at our school that can be applied to foreign terrorist attacks, but I am certain that Columbine got off easy compared to what those attacks will bring. Heaven help us!

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