1. The name “West Bank” was coined by Jordan during its illegal occupation (1949-1967).

2. The West Bank was known as Judea and Samaria –the birth place of Judaism — for thousands of years.

3. The only time that Jews were prohibited from living in the West Bank was during Jordan’s illegal occupation (1949-1967).

4. There has never been a Palestinian Arab state prior to the one currently being proposed.

5. The Green Line was never an internationally recognized border. (It was the cease-fire line from 1949.)

6. UN Resolution 242 states that future secure borders are to be negotiated.

7. Israeli settlements cover approximately 1.7% of the West Bank; 5-8% if you count the fence.

8. 75-80% of West Bank Israelis live in communities close to the Green Line.

9. 98% of West Bank Palestinians live in Palestinian-governed Areas A and B. Less than 2% live in Israeli-administered Area C.

10. Palestinians have communities on 40% of the West Bank, while 60% of the West Bank is virtually empty.

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